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November 26, 2015

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This web site is created as an opportunity for Bulgarians abroad to obtain martenitsa (martenitsi/ martenitzi / martenici / martenizi) and show on March 1, the day of BABA MARTA, properly adorned; or for Americans and other foreigners who have Bulgarian friends or loved ones and want to surprise them with this beautiful traditional decoration. Since not everyone has relatives and friends in Bulgaria who may send them martenitsi, we provide you with the next resort: buy them online!

All martenitsi in this online store are hand-made by Bulgarian martenitsi artists.

We are based in the U.S.
We ship our products within the U.S. and Canada, also to Europe, and South America.

We provide the fastest shipping of martenitsi in North and South America.

Click here to open the Martenitsi online store!

Information about the Bulgarian tradition of martenitsa and Baba Marta is available on our product page (look in the Links section). In short, Bulgarians decorate their sweaters and coats with martenitsi on March 1 for good health and good spirit, until they spot a stork (storks do show up in Bulgaria!); then they hang their martenitsi on trees. But you don't need a stork to decorate a tree with your martenitsa...

To contact us for product, shipping, or any other information, please send us an email: sales@martenitsi.com

martenitsa magnetmartenitsa pendamartenitsa pom pom

What Our Customers Say:
As always, fantastic customer service and gorgeous martenitsas! I love being able to keep the tradition of Baba Marta here in the States. (Amy, Tucson, AZ)

martenitsa magnetmartenitsa magnetmartenitsa magnet